St Peter's Church of England Primary School

Nurture UK Award

Nurture UK is a charity which has grown from the work in 1969 of a renowned educational psychologist, Marjorie Boxall. In a nutshell, her approach was to emphasise that schools needed to support the emotional needs of children and to address their general wellbeing, as a central part of their role. The value of this approach has long been recognised, and the DfE themselves focus on the need for schools to satisfy this role in the wider development of children.

St Peter’s has been recognised for the work we do in this regard. Nurture UK assess schools and just a very few receive accreditation as Nurturing Schools. Of the many thousands of schools in the South East of England, there were just 21 which have been awarded this accreditation. St Peter’s is now the 22nd.

 The Nurture UK report into the school can be accessed via the link below: 

Nurture UK Report

 The link below will take you to a video which outlines how we help to nurture our children at St Peter's

Nurture UK video