St Peter's Church of England Primary School


Curriculum Policy Documents

The two tabs below both expand when you click on them. The first tab contains five documents which present our approach to teaching, our assessment procedures, marking procedures, how children are asked to present their work and finally, our homework policy.

The second tab contains policy documents for every curriculum subject.

We hope that they provide you with a further guide to what life is like at St Peter's.

As always, if you have any further questions, please contact us.

How we Teach

Our Pedagogical Approach

Our Assessment Procedures

Our Marking Procedures

Our Presentation Procedures

Our Homework Policy

 Curriculum Policies

Teaching of Multiplication and Division

Teaching Addition and Subtraction

Teaching of Mathematics

Teaching of English

Teaching of Spanish

Teaching of PE

Teaching of Early Years Foundation Stage

Teaching of Art

Teaching of Computing

Teaching of Geography

Teaching of History

Teaching of PSHE

Teaching of Science

Teaching of RE