St Peter's Church of England Primary School

School Uniform

All children are required to wear school uniform as this gives them a feeling of belonging and pride in their appearance. It also encourages discipline and gives them a sense of equality. The school uniform is as follows:

Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
Navy blue V-neck jumper or cardigan with St Peter’s logo
White shirt or blouse
School tie
Grey tights or grey or white socks
Navy blue school coat with school logo

In summer when the weather is warmer, the children can wear a pale blue check dress or grey shorts, a navy cap, and white socks. There isn't a date when we switch from summer to winter uniform; your children can wear what they wish according to the weather. Some like to stay in shorts no matter how cold it is! On the day that we have class photographs, we will ask that the children attend school in one of either summer or winter uniform, but otherwise the choice is yours.

Please ensure that the children only wear flat, black shoes to school. We do not allow trainers or boots. It is required that the children have a St Peter’s logo book bag or rucksack and do not bring their own bags to school.

With over 200 identical coats and bags, the children can become confused as to which item is theirs! We suggest hanging a brightly coloured tag or key ring from the zip of bags and coats, in order to allow easy identification. 

For PE, we ask that the children have the following: sky-blue T shirt with St Peter’s logo, navy shorts, black velcro plimsolls or trainers, school sweatshirt with logo, navy PE bag with school logo, and a dark grey or navy plain tracksuit.

From a safety point of view, it is important that the children have close fitting clothing when completing indoor activities involving PE equipment. However, despite our uniform requirements, when the children are completing outdoor PE in the cold winter months, please supply them with whatever will keep them warm! They can wear hats, gloves and thick tracksuit tops. Give them what they need to be warm!

Our uniform can be purchased online at or at Parents can find us on this site using our postcode: ME20 7BE.  Please note does not supply school ties, these are available from the School Office or from Caseys.

However, you are also able to purchase the generic items of uniform from any shop or supermarket. Our specialist suppliers can provide the items which carry the school logo.

If you are in receipt of benefits and find the purchase of school uniform difficult, please talk to us. We appreciate that uniform is expensive and we will always try to help.