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Medium Term Plans

In order for you to be as informed as possible about what your children are studying in each subject area, every term, we are posting what are called Medium Term Plans. Hopefully these will provide you with enough detail to support your child's learning at home.  It will take us a little time to format the documents for the website, but we will post them as they are completed.

The documents are presented by subject, to show how our teaching in a curriculum area develops over time. These plans, along with the skills progressions documents, should provide you with a comprehensive view of our curriculum.

Our maths plans are held on an independent site - White Rose - which we pay to access. Because of copyright, we cannot publish these plans here and nor can we provide you with a link to them. However, we have posted 10 skills progression documents in that tab, and these provide you with an enormous amount of information which you can use to support your child's learning in the subject. If you would still like more specific information on what your children are studying in maths each term, please just ask your teacher and they will provide that to you. 


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Spanish - Whole School Overview


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