St Peter's Church of England Primary School


Restorative Practices

At St Peter's, we implement what are called 'Restorative Practices'. This is an approach used in just a small number of schools. Restorative Practices, or Restorative Justice as it is also called, focusses on developing a sense of community and mutual respect amongst everyone at the school, as well as providing a way of dealing with issues and arguments when they inevitably arise. The initiative is led by Mr Eastwood, one of the school's two Assistant Headteachers. He previously trained in the UK initially, but then developed his knowledge further at our link school in Belgium, where Restorative Practices have been developed to a far greater degree than in the UK.

An outline of the approach can be seen via the link: 

Outline of Restorative Practices

And our policy document can be accessed here: Restorative Practices