St Peter's Church of England Primary School

Parent & Pupil Surveys


We complete regular surveys of our parents and pupils in order to identify any issues which may be of concern to them, and to plan for the school’s development. The results tell us what we are doing well and what we need to develop further. We value what both parents and pupils tell us about life here. In addition to the surveys, we also have both a school council which is run by a member of staff, and parent forums which are run by our school governors. Both groups are told about plans for the future development of the school and both groups are able to comment and be involved in the development of those plans.

The latest parental and pupil surveys were completed in January 2024. Parents were able to complete a multiple choice response to indicate how satisfied they were with various areas of school life. The survey was sent to all parents and completed by 41 of them. The results, which are extremely positive, are shown below, along with the results of the Pupil survey which was completed by 24 pupils.

2024 Pupil Questionnaire Results

2024 Parental Survey Results

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